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I was super happy with my appointment with Dr Cramer. She was kind and professional, and clearly explained everything she was doing and the results of the tests. Highly recommended!
Richard Selvaggi, on Google
Great experience with Dr. Cramer she explained everything in detail of everything she was doing and of all my options, I would highly recommend her to anyone with hearing issues
Eric Antonucci, on Google
I had been hesitant to investigate my hearing issues but read good things about Dr. Monica Cramer. I'm very glad I went to see her. She started by checking the physical condition of my ears. She then did the screening, the results of which were important to know and see illustrated in a graph. Even though I have mild hearing loss, the graph showed me how much more hearing I have left that I should protect. Dr. Cramer comprehensively explained everything. I struggle with tinnitus, and she gave me work-around recommendations that I can implement. I felt better about managing my hearing issues after my appointment with her.
Celine Hampson, on Google
I found Dr Cramer to be exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, explained everything perfectly well and a very caring person.
William Elsing, on Google
Dr Cramer was extremely professional and courteous. Her testing was thorough and her analysis of the findings were explained in a clear and understandable manner.
John vavala, on Google

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