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Hearing aids changed my life!! Monica, the audiologist, was very helpful from start to finish. She was thorough with her examination and recommended the perfect hearing aids. Most people don't even know that I'm wearing them. I would highly recommend Ascent Audiology.
Gary Smith, on Google
I have been wearing hearing aids for the past 35 years. My last hearing aids lasted 9 years. Monica, my audiologist was wonderful . These new hearing aids are by far the best. What a difference. I’m hearing things that i have never heard before. Monica was very professional and did thorough testing with new technology. I am so very happy with my new aids.
HEIDI Kornfeld, on Google
Dr. Monica Cramer is fantastic and she has a wonderful way with seniors. My dad loves her and so do I. I believe God sent her to us.
EVE Y, on Google
Dr Crammer equipped me with everything I needed to protect my hearing and also enhance it.
Al Moore, on Google
Hearing aid cleaning, checking and adjusting was top notch. No better service.
Larry Jasorka, on Google

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